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    Welcome to La vie Maison! We are happy to explain our working method to you to ensure that the cooperation runs as smoothly as possible.

    • Portals

      We have two portals with different functionalities, namely:

      • Dealer downloads via the website www.laviemaison.com/nl/dealerweb : to view the price list, fabric samples, CSV file, current product sheets, atmospheric and product photos.
      • B2B webshop: for checking stocks, placing orders, viewing current orders and open invoices.
    • New orders
      • With the first order we ask for a deposit. When we have received the deposit, the order will be taken. For Stock items a down payment of 100% applies. For Customized items, a 50% deposit applies, and the remaining 50% must be paid before delivery.
      • Customized items are only accepted in writing with full information of the item (exterior, interior, finishing and hardware). This can be done via: order@laviemaison.com . Changes/cancellations for the customized items are only possible within 1 week after the order date, which must be submitted in writing.
      • Stock items can be ordered through our B2B webshop. Here you can order all stock items and view our new collections. You will receive login details after creating your account or you can request them via sales@laviemaison.com. Changes/cancellations are only possible within 48 hours of the order date, which must be submitted in writing.
      • The minimum order amount for your first order is €2,000.
      • The delivery time is indicated on the order confirmation with a shipping week. The order is available from this week, the actual shipping week may differ.
    • Deliveries
      • The carriage paid amount for delivery can be found on the Sales Conditions tab of the (Excel) price list.
      • Orders below the minimum free delivery amount can be sent at a cost of shipping.
      • Orders can also be sent by parcel service. The transport costs for this are for the customer and depend on the size.
      • Deliveries are only possible to professional addresses. Islands on request, additional costs may be charged for this.
      • Orders can be offered loose as well as on a pallet and with different carriers.
      • Delivery is made to the door.
      • Available orders (without a requested delivery week) will be delivered with the next delivery. If you do not want to receive the order immediately, please state the desired delivery week when entering the order. We will deliver the order in the requested week if it is available, you can check availability in the B2B webshop.
      • Transport damage must be reported to us within 48 hours after delivery to your warehouse.
      • If you wish to receive a partial delivery, you can let us know by emailing sales@laviemaison.com or by indicating this when placing an order. Keep in mind the minimum free delivery amount.
      • Returns may only be given if they have been registered and provided with a La vie Maison return slip.
      • For questions about deliveries you can send an email to our planning: planning@laviemaison.com .
      • For financial questions you can send an e-mail to our administration: administration@laviemaison.com .
    • stock

      The stock of an article can be found in our B2B webshop. Search for an article in the top right of the search bar by entering the article number or name. On the article detail page you will find more information about the product and the availability of an article. The colored dots that are shown with the article indicate the stock level of the article:

      Red: This item is out of stock
      Orange : This item has a limited stock
      Green: This item is in stock

    • Payment details

      In the B2B webshop you can view account information, order history, invoice history and the status of back orders in various tabs.

      • Log in and click on the image of your company name to view the account details.
      • Order history: to view orders, order confirmations and order forms.
      • Invoice history: for viewing and downloading invoices.
      • Back orders: for the status of your order.
      • All this information can be downloaded to a CSV/Excel file.
    • Service

      La vie Maison gives 1 year warranty on the products. We would like to receive all your questions and service reports via service@laviemaison.com. For a smooth handling, we would like to receive a clear detailed and overview photo, description of the complaint, customer, order and article number.

      The request will be picked up as soon as possible and discussed with our quality manager. The speed of this can vary due to crowds and/or occupation. If there are any questions or if we need additional information, we will contact you.

      There are several possible settlements:

      • You will receive a repair set to update the furniture.
      • You will receive compensation on a new item, the other piece of furniture can be sold with a discount.
      • The item will be repaired, you will receive a return slip to return the furniture. We would like to receive a message when the furniture is ready for return, stating the service code. As soon as the furniture has been received by us, we aim to return the furniture to you within 2 weeks. If this fails, an exchange will take place.
      • The article will be exchanged, the furniture is in such a condition that a new piece of furniture is placed on order. You will immediately receive a return slip, we would like to receive a message, stating the service code, when the furniture is ready for return.
      • The article will be credited, the furniture is in such condition and no exchange is possible due to stock. You will immediately receive a return slip, we would like to receive a message, stating the service code, when the furniture is ready for return.
      • Handling of the service is determined by La vie Maison and exact instructions will be provided via email.
    • Delivery times

      Stock items have a minimum delivery time of 4-6 weeks. Customized items have a minimum delivery time of 8-12 weeks. With a new collection and customized it is possible that the delivery times differ from the above.

      If you have placed an order and are curious when the delivery will take place, we recommend that you ask a question about the order via the dealer portal. You can view your orders via our B2B. Orders will be delivered in their entirety, unless otherwise requested. A delivery depends on the order amount. If the carriage paid amount is met, the order will be delivered as soon as possible in one of the following ways:

      • Own transport: a delivery takes place with own transport if you receive a separate registration for this. Deliveries with own transport are always individual goods.
      • Parcel service: a delivery takes place with the parcel service if this has been agreed or you receive a Track & Trace.
      • Collection: collection takes place if this is indicated when ordering. Always indicate when the goods will be collected so that the warehouse can take this into account.
    • Price list

      We send a printed price list by post to all dealers once a year. We recommend checking the dealer downloads in the meantime for the update of the price list. We would like to point out that all notifications in the price list are subject to printing and typing errors.

    • Collection

      Our collections change regularly. In addition to a number of enduring classics, we often add new furniture and home accessories and sometimes items are also cancelled. We recommend that you view the new collection and the expired items every time you visit the B2B webshop.

    • Sketchup

      With all our articles there is a possibility to download the article as a ... file. This makes it possible to export the downloaded file to the Sketchup program in order to implement the article in the design plan.

    • Return Policy

      A return is almost always related to a service. For this we would like to ask you to carefully read the part about service (point 4). If you have a return that has been discussed with an agent or has been arranged in some other way, we ask you to take the following steps:

      • Register your return via sales@laviemaison.com . State the reason, with whom this has been discussed and, if necessary, additional information. You may be asked to send photos, you will then receive a message.
      • Returns must at all times be packed in the original packaging or otherwise if discussed.
      • If the return has been approved, you will receive a return form. This form must be attached to the article.
      • We would like to receive a message when the item is ready for collection.
      • We reserve the right to refuse items that are returned without a La vie Maison return slip.


    Read the frequently asked questions from consumers below.

    • I don't see any prices on the website, where can I find them?

      Thank you for your interest in our collection! La vie Maison is a wholesaler and therefore does not sell directly to consumers. We are therefore happy to refer you to a dealer near you. You can also go there for a possible quote.

    • I have a question about an article, who can I contact?

      Thank you for your interest in our collection! La vie Maison is a wholesaler and we are therefore happy to refer you to a dealer in your area. You can go there with all your questions about our articles. All our colors and fabrics are also available for viewing at our dealers.

    • How do I find a dealer near me?

      You will find a “store locator” on our website. If you enter your address or zip code here, we will show you a list of all dealers in your area.

    • How can I best maintain my furniture?

      You can find tips on how to maintain your new La vie Maison furniture in the digital information sheets. These can be found as a download at the relevant piece of furniture on this website.

    • I have a complaint about my article, who can I contact?

      We are sorry that you have a complaint about one of our articles. Because we are a wholesaler, we would like to ask you to report the complaint to the dealer where you placed the purchase. If the dealer has questions, they can contact us.

      We advise you to always send the complaint by email to the dealer and to provide it with the following information:

      Description of the complaint
      Order number
      Clear photo of the complaint, detail and of the whole of the article

    • How long do I have a warranty on my La vie Maison purchase?

      La vie Maison gives 1 year product warranty on the products.

    • I would like to become a dealer, what do I have to do for this?

      To be able to include our products in your range, you must meet a number of (simple) conditions.

      That is why we would like to ask you to fill in the application form on the page become a dealer: application dealership

      Fill in the application form as completely as possible, so that we can assess your application immediately.

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